Well maybe not never. Maybe next year. Or randomly some time this year. You never really know with Evonne man. She is a real artist and has built up a huge lineup over the Years. Only her hands touch each step and everything is fresh so… Nothing stays for every. That means things move out when others move in. New this year were hair perfumes. Now I wrote a whole novel on my love of Sharkfeather Silk which does a whole lot more but if you want something simpler and less heavy these are the way to go. Oh and uh… You have till 12pm central Saturaday August 27th to buy them.
I know I’m telling you last minute. But it’s not my fault you aren’t obsessed enough to to follow Darling Clandestine on Facebook. Don’t be embarrassed. I’ve missed my fair share of her best stuff myself. And not just from her… I mean for all my love of Holy Snails I’ve never made it into a snail mail group and I only even managed to put my name on the actual list in time (and she gives days…) ONCE! So despite the fact that I’m behind on errands, blog posts, and so many things I interupt with this brief PSA and mini review of what you will miss if you don’t hop on over to Etsy…

“The Jeweled Orange (and Jeweled Plum) is a fragrance designed specifically for hair. It uses a “dry oil” technology similar to that of Sharkfeather Silk, but much drier, and the fragrance is much more highly concentrated.”

I have been dabbing DArling Clandestine Fragrances in my hair forever so… It’s about time. I hope these come in more scents. For now I’ll just douse myself in Sharkfeather Silk (till I run out,) and keep dabbing. At least there are two!

First Jeweled Plum

“This perfume is inspired by the sweet succulence of plum wine, but as you’ve come to expect from DarlingClandestine it contains many facets of complexity and depth beyond just a single note.”

Man it doesn’t smell like booze at all! But you know it kind of smells.. romantic in an odd way. I don’t know. I can’t say I even like plum wine. I always want to like plum wine and I’ve ordered it out to eat on dates before. So the smell reminds me of giving something a second chance in a cozy romantic setting. It’s sweet and warm and a little girly for me but not overwhelmingly so… It’s not straight up fruity either. Depth. Yeah it’s there. I can’t decide if I want to buy a ton of this because it’s so so good… or if it’s occasional use and I’ll tire of it. I really like it. Is it plum wine?

Jeweled Plum for $15

Next We have Jeweled Orange…

“This perfume is inspired by the deliciousness of neroli, but as you’ve come to expect from DarlingClandestine it contains many facets of complexity and depth beyond just a single note.”

I didn’t order this! It snuck into my package. When I’m feeling down (a lot lately.. citrus is depressing.) I debating doing it anyway because Evonne is magic but I decided to put that money towards another cool T-Shirt  for the gym. I was wrong. Man I keep saying that lately. How to people I buy stuff from know be better than myself? First sheet mask mind reading then this? This is not a depressing orange scent. I think the reason citrus depresses me is that it makes me think of bright crisp clean summer fun… that I’m not having. I mean I’m trying my best to make it happen but I’m not feeling it. Skin chemistry is unique and I don’t want to scare you away and call this goth princess orange but… if orange could be dark this is it. Instead of tropical islands it reminds me of sticking cloves in oranges on the floor at my great aunt’s house when I was a kid to make uh… you know those things you stick in drawers to make them smell nice? It doesn’t really smell like cloves though… Instead of crisp and clean it smells warm and complex. It smells like wrapping yourself in a fluffy robe after a bath. All this from something I didn’t plan to buy. I made the wrong choice. Someone fixed it for me. Don’t be me.

Jeweled Orange $15

to get both for $28 check out the drop down menu in the Jew3led orange listing.

Next up is Complicate Things…img_0040

Not a hair fragrance but a cool perfume that at the time of listing only has 3 bottles left and… man it’s neat. Its some of my favorite simple scents and it manages to well… complicate them. I find it to be a little girly for me. But I’m out there on the boss level scale. It’s not ultra sweet like cotton candy or anything. It layers well with the darker stuff. I like it enough to go for the oil and solid. I’d be tempted to snag another of the remaining oils if I weren’t budgeting to be honest with you. When Evonne does simple its uh…well…. complicated. In her words:

“I complicate things. I do.

The notes are jasmine, vanilla, and sandalwood. Pure and simple, right? Nope. This is DarlingClandestine.

The vanilla is not bakery vanilla. Nor is it that acrid, what-the-hell-no-stop-it-that-hurts “perfume” vanilla that’s plastered on that woman with the lemme-speak-to-the-manager haircut. NO. It’s DarlingClandestine.

Expect this fragrance to morph fascinatingly as it settles on your skin. It’s an excellent choice for fragrancing your hair as well; just work in a few drops with your fingertips.

This fragrance is very, very unisex. It’s not masculine. It’s not feminine. It’s complicated.”

Complicate Things $14

I complicate things too. But not in a way that makes magic. Don’t miss out guys. GO GO GO!