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I love the bubble mask from this brand but I hadn’t heard anything about the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Water Lock Hydro-gel Melting Mask but the cute piggy called my name.
The word melting seemed appealing too and I hoped this mask would some how melt into my skin the way a solid balm cleanser melts into a liquid.

 Check out that pig!
 Anyone who reads Korean care to take a crack at my blurry image?
 On my face you can see that it’s a standard two piece hydro-gel mask.

I found the mask to be nicely hydrating. I was sad that it didn’t actually melt into my skin. I can dream right? I mean they make lovely balm type moisturizers that melt into the skin! Of course if the mask was like that it would dissolve in the package.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen my ill fated Tony Moly Real Nature Rice experience… That one almost did melt into my face… And on to the floor. This review is making me miss that mask actually. If was the most hydrating mask I’ve ever used. I want to give it another go with a mask tablet instead. But this is about the Elizaveccca mask! This mask gets a 3.5/5. It was really nice but I wasn’t left clammoring for more.

Where to buy?

I got mine from MEMEBOX for $2.