I agreed to be part of a collaborative giveaway a long time ago… I feel like it was in October? It was before I closed the blog down. So when I started getting emails I didn’t want to back out. I had a good portion of prize stuff ready and actually I have enough stuff for a couple more giveaways if I don’t run through my own product stash and use them… I set them aside thinking that day would never come but I’m not buying things right now so who knows?

Anyway the things for the giveaway (my portion) are already packaged and waiting for the winner so they are safe. It starts tomorrow and I figured that I should put up something other than “blog closed,” because the giveaway posts will all link to the six bloggers involved and since I’m a nocturnal west coast dwelling creature I know their posts will be up before mine.

 Here I am looking very disappointed to like the Whamsica hydro gel mask I had been saving.

I bought them with a coupon code as part of one of the promoted sets but I looked them up on Glow Recipe after finally trying one. So guys this is what a $9 mask looks like! Or you know $8 if you get a five pack…

Um… I can’t see myself paying that to restock my supply but the mask stayed damp over an hour and I was told my skin looked great the next day.

 The tomato version had no smell and the ginseng one is the first ginseng mask I’ve used that didn’t even tingle…

 Glowing skin happened with both masks. I also had no issues with slipping. I just can’t justify that cost even when I’m doing better financially so they get 4/5 for me… Half a point lost on price and half a point because I hate products throwing around words like organic when it comes to skincare. I mean I want preservatives in my skincare OK? And maybe I just want a reason to like this mask a little less.

Anyway I’ve been avoiding using This mask line for fear of loving them. Now that I have… On to other masks! Sorry this wasn’t a formal COSDNA filled review… I just wanted to put up something before the giveaway post and I had recent pictures of this mask. Yes my eyebrows look as bad as the mask makes them look.  Well on to a spoiler for tomorrow?

 Now one of the boxes is labeled because Elisabeth marked her own photo but that still leaves five items. Can anyone guess which box is mine?