i did a mini review of this mask on reddit. IF you want to see the fit or read more of my thoughts on the packaging check out my review of the Abalone Mask from Blithe. I’m going to be ultra lazy and copy my text from Reddit here. I’m also going to add a few things because blog posts are a little more in depth than a reddit quick summary. Check out that packaging! 

The back has ingredients as is common on masks. Instructions in English but ingredients not so much. Thankfully someone else added it to COSDNA!

The Blithe mask has few red flags thankfully!  The level 1 triggers include our old friends Carbomer and Butylene GlycolNiacin amide is the 5th ingredient. Woo! Brightening! To see the back of the mask see the end of this post… I can’t seem to get WordPress to let me add text after the photo without deleting it. Oh I’m a bad millennial…

How Did it Go?

from reddit:

Anyway I was looking forward to this mask. It’s part of the “only one,” club meaning that I only have one of it so if I like it a whole lot I’ll be adding it to a wishlist for the future instead of slapping on another one the next day.

For the sea creature them this smells more herbal than anything else. Again I want salt. I bet sea cucumbers don’t really smell all that awesome though… Hmmm…The essence level is decent but not enough to save for a second mask or slather all over your arms. You can pretreat your face and spread down the neck. That’s about it. The mask says to leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Right. I’m just throwing away any essence left after that time period.

There is no backing on this mask and I opened it upside down and got a little confused. Late night, long day, and really I have no excuse. I’ve used another by this brand. The mask is thick enough that no backing is required. I think its also the perfect size for my face. It’s isn’t Lovemore smooth or anything but it feels nice. I took some before and after photos but they are not very pretty. I uh… took the before photo before I washed my face and the next morning my skin is brighter but I’m also sort of sweaty and gross. Warm weather + no A/C on + nocturnal lifestyle = not so awesome pictures.

My face is still ultra dry. This mask didn’t claim to help with moisture content though… I broke my no buy when I saw the post about Freest Donkey Milk 3D moisture cream and if MEMEBOX had the Banila Co oil or cream (also super well reviewed,) I would have triple broken it (patch testing be damned I’ll take a breakout ((ok nothing actually makes me break out)) over this!)

Would I get it again? 

Yeah I think I actually want to test this in sequence for multiple days. I sadly/ok luckily own a lot of masks at the moment though so I will be making my way through more of my collection before doing so. On it’s own for one day it ranks 3.5/6 on my rating scale!

Where can you get it?

I got mine from Jolse where they sell singles for $2.96 and packs of 8 for $19.98. They are having a sale at the moment so I would jump on that if you have the funds!  Jolse seems to have frequent sales though so i wouldn’t break my no buy for it or anything!

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