I wanted to try a modeling mask forever so when I saw this brand for much cheaper than any I had seen before… well I jumped right on it! I thought Mango sounded nice. I like Mangos and they remind me of my middle brother. They are his favorite fruit and he was telling a sweet story about how he connected with a close friend once and he said that they shared a love of mangos. He didn’t even have to ask if it was her favorite fruit. He just asked how she felt about mangos because some how he knew…
 Cool right? I was really pumped about this because I dried out my skin pretty badly recently. A modeling mask is meant to seal in treatments, while also containing beneficial ingredients. The idea is that by sealing stuff into your skin with the mask you “force feed,” your skin the nutrients. Glow Recipe has an article on their blog that explains the masks much better than I will!

There are no instructions so I called that indented line the full line and mixed it up! I had already cleansed with my Banila Co oil cleanser and Tosowoong foaming face wash to ensure that I was trapping no dirt with the mask. I slapped on some hydrating toner and Scinic Aqua AIO to boost the mask or… to give the mask something to boost?
 It’s really cool that it has a spatula for mixing but I couldn’t seem to manage application with that thing. All the review I’ve read of modeling masks say thicker on the outside edges for even removal and “even layer.”  Um…

 So Look kinda like a pumpkin swamp thing eh? I started saying eh ironically because it honestly drove me nuts when I lived in Canada ever so briefly as a child. Warning: using words ironically can work them into your daily vocabulary. 


This made my skin feel really soft. I don’t like the smell or lack of instructions. I really need to work on my application. But it was $2 from Tester Korea. That’s really not bad. So if I were placing an order from them again I would definitely throw one into my cart. Good stuff man. I have seen some really cool videos on Instagram of people just peeling it off all at once in a smooth layer.   I considered including a picture of my mask removal results but… I felt like a loser. I applied so unevenly that it came off in rubbery chunks. I did make a thick enough layer to leave only one tiny spot on my cheek. (That I may have discovered post moisturizing when I suddenly met a friend later that night…) 4/5 on my rating scale. It doesn’t have instructions and it doesn’t have a nice scent. Application was tricky but all call that a learning curve. For the price? Yeah I would totally get it again.

Where can you find it?

Tester Korea has the mask now for $2.24 I would recommend buying it as part of a larger haul like I did because they do not offer free shipping and paying for shipping on such a cheap product off sets the savings.

There are lots of other modeling masks available from other brands for various prices. I’ll be giving some Lindsay brand masks from Glow Recipe a shot soon and I also want to pick up the Ettang Modeling Mask takeout pack from MEMEBOX soon! I want to try them all and work on my application.

Have you tried this product?

have you tried this product? Other products from this brand? Other modeling mask brands? Share some tips with me!

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