I have had this mask for a while. It was included in a package I ordered. It was way too big to be a free gift so I’m sure it was placed in my package by accident. The seller insisted it was a free gift and thanked me for the contact. I am still pretty sure it was an error and legally I wouldn’t have had to send it back anyway but knowing how much this stuff costs I felt bad.

I did a bunch of searches to compare packaging fearing that it was a fake. Nope! Just a happy mistake. I used it a few times and enjoyed it a lot but because it is so pricey to replace I didn’t want to fall in love. Then I read a not so positive review that scared me off using it again for a while. I’m not clog prone but I had a 9 month period of horrible acne a few years back that combined with my own compulsive skin picking left my skin texture forever changed. I still get compliments on my skin because my routine keeps my skin looking smooth and glowing… from a distance. I am really excited about trying pocket derm because I’ve been planning a TCA peel set for about three years now to more seriously address the damage. This isn’t a dreaming about it for years type thing. I’ve spent years building up my skin’s tolerance to acids so I can use the more serious peels without damaging my face.

This is years of research and prepping and I just can’t let it go on a whim. i also don’t want to set myself back with healing breakouts. So after reading the highly negative review I put this product on the back burner.

But I just liked it SO much that i had to try it one more time.

Here’s about how much comes out of the pump. I use two pumps to cover my whole face. Three if I feel like getting some of my neck into the action.

On my face you can see I am unable to achieve a perfectly even layer of bubble. It doesn’t look as cool but I also don’t want to use too much product. The cloud face looks so neat but I can’t risk my skin that much!

I decided to see if I massaged the product in with a little bit of water (think damp hands,) I could reactivate the bubbles after popping them. It works!

When I rinsed this mask off I was very careful to rinse off all the product. I didn’t want to strip my face too much because honestly this product is a little drying so I wiped it down with some Biodrema afterward. I then slapped on the Scinic AIO in Iceland that I’m testing out for review to prep my face for a hydrating mask. The Bubble Mask leaves my face feeling super clean and my pores look smaller as though i’ve done the BHA/clay mask/oil cleanse routine. Super cool! But it also leaves me a little dry and my skin can’t handle dry.

I waited a few days to give it time in case I had a bad reaction. I didn’t! This mask made my face smooth and bright with no adverse reactions! Let’s dance! (Wait… I don’t dance. I’ll settle for waving my hands in excitement.


I give this a 3/5. It’s entertaining and it works but it is just so expensive that I can’t see myself shelling out the cash to buy it again. It’s lust but it isn’t love.

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