My huge regret post made me think about products and the draw of packaging. Here are a few items I’ve gotten for the cure factor with a brief overview of my thoughts ! I didn’t want to go on forever so I limited this to ten items. I think this may become a small series.

1. A’Pieu Airfit Cusion in # 21  I love cats and I love Garfield. I need to find a link to the translation of episodes minus Garfield’s voice. In that scenario it is just a crazy man talking to a cat. I wanted to try cushions but Luckily it was a decent match. See my face below?   So this gets a 5/5 on the bought it because it was cute success scale. I can use the product and buy refills. Fantastic!
2. Tony Moly Choco Pore Pact

 I wrote a review of this already. You can read it here. By the cute impulse ranking it rates 4/5. It is not my favorite clay mask but I’m going to reuse this container forever!

3. Shara Shara Kissing Sugar lip scrub

  I also reviewed this. I rated it higher in my actual product analysts but for the cute/useful scale it gets a 1/5. I don’t really like it and the tin is so hard to open I can’t repurpose it later. Failure!
4. Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask

So the little pot on the front is adorable and I had read some great things. Well that doesn’t always translated to a product working out. I put off trying it because I had been disappointed by others. But just look at it!

The fit is so smooth! It is nearly invisible on my skin and it really did feel amazing. I saw one other “flavor” by this brand on tester Korea and I’m sure they make Most than two mask types. Must research!

5. Berrisom Animal Mask Vitamin C+ Arbutin

   It’s cute. In my more formal review I gripe a bit about the pink nose on the mad when that is not on the package. Also horns are nice but I want little floppy ears too… Oh wait this is supposed to be good for my skin? It isn’t costume?  Oh ok. Well my full review uses a different scale but for this post the masks ranks 5/5. It brightened my skin and I looked got to look like a super cute sheep while wearing it!

 6. SNP Animal Panda Whitening Mask

  I didn’t really love this mask. Full review in drafts but let’s just say it isn’t all that impressive in the brightening department. That leaves the cute factor. Again, ears people! I posted this on Instagram and my friend thought it was a lucky cat mask. (Find me a lucky cat mask please!) 1/5 on the adorable product scale because I didn’t feel cute and it didn’t do much for me either.   7. Tony Moly Cat Wink Pact

Tony Moly is going to show up a lot on my cute his and miss posts I guess. This is a hit. I’ve repurchased many times over the years. It’s a simple translucent powder.

I like it, I use it, and it makes me smile. 5/5!

8. Tony Moly Panda cooling stick 

  This one is cute and feels nice on my face in the summer. I don’t know that I will be repurshasing though because I can just put a cold spoon under my eyes. 3/5. It’s cute, it feels nice, but I won’t cry when I run out and the tube has no purpose for me once empty!

9. Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist
 This must actually for more use than my other mists this summer ever though it isn’t my favorite. Why? Well it fits in my bag. Take note Tony Moly I would prefer a cat mist. Someone on /r/asainbeauty wax taking about putting rose water in the container. If this is refillable that is a huge win. 4/5 for now. Make it a cat and it will get a 5….

10. Pig timer
   Not for skincare right? Well this is actually a skincare timer. Yes I have a timer on my phone, iPad, and computer. The problem with those timers is that I set them and then get distracted. If I’m just waiting to let my actives take effect this is fine. But when I’m doing something more time sensitive like a chemical peel or dying my hair digital timers don’t work as well. I’ve forgotten to hit the “start” button or been startled by the alarm. The pig timer ticks away until it is ready to go off! I wanted this for years. My ex said it was stupid. Around a year ago I left my brown hair dye on so long that my hair turned almost black because I lost track of time. It’s one of those 28 wash dyes because they assume you wash your hair daily so it will fade in four weeks. Well I used a bottle of clarifying shampoo trying to get it to fade faster. I just got dry black hair instead. This little guy keeps me from masking those mistakes.

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